Paola Ginestra


PhD Candidate in Mechanial Engineering-Biomechanical applications
University of Brescia, Current

Masters Degree in Biomechanics and Biomaterials 
Politecino de Milano, 2012
Thesis: Evaluation of geometric parameters in poroelastic characterization of cortical bone tissue through FEM simulations of nanoindentation’s experiments. [use of software Abaqus and experimental instruments for tissue characterization]

Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Engineering  
Politecino de Milano, 2010
Thesis: Computation methods of knee’s instantaneus rotation center and application in articular support devices design. [use of gait analysis lab and polycentric external fixators]


Visiting student at University of Califonia Irvine, USA., May 2016- Sept 2016

  • Using of electrospinning, photolytogrphy and pyrolysis tecnhique to produce conductive patterned scaffold for guided cellular orientation and stimulation.

Visiting student at Centro de Tecnologia da Informação Renato Archer – CTI, Campinas, BR., May 2015- Sept. 2015 

  • Production of FDM and electrospinning hybrid scaffolds for 3D cell colture.

Researcher at “Rizzoli orthopaedics institute” for the UE, Dec 2012

  • Project titled “Composite Phenotypic triggers for bone and cartilage repair” for structural and biomechanics simulations on osteochondral scaffolds
  • Using of both FEA model and DMTA tests with generation of matlab code for generalization of analytical model.

Internship at Galeazzi hospital in Milan, Sept 2008 – Gen. 2009

  • Compilation of database, data filing, contact with clients and suppliers.
  • Presence in the Operating Room during orthopaedic and neurological surgeries.
  • Checking of biomedical devices.
  • Patient treatment in therapeutic and diagnostic field.


P.Ginestra, E. Ceretti, A. Fiorentino. Electrospinning of poly-caprolactone for scaffold manufacturing: experimental investigation on the process parameters influence, Procedia Cirp 2015.

P. Benzoni, P. Ginestra, L. Altomare, A. Fiorentino, L. De Nardo , E. Ceretti, P. Dell’Era. Biomanufacturing of a chitosan/collagen scaffold to drive adhesion and alignment of human cardiomyocyte derived from stem cells, Procedia Cirp 2015.

D. Gastaldi, G. Parisi, R. Lucchini, S. Bignozzi, P.S. Ginestra, G. Filardo, R. Contro, E.Kon, P.Vena. A Predictive Model for the Elastic Properties of a Collagen-Hydroxyapatite Porous Scaffold for Multi-Layer Osteochondral Substitutes,, International Journal of Applied Mechanics; Vol. 7, No. 4 (2015) 1550063 (18 pages) DOI: 10.1142/S1758825115500635

P. Ginestra, E. Ceretti and A. Fiorentino. Potential of modeling and simulations of bioengineered devices: endoprostheses, prostheses and orthoses, Journal of Engineering in Medicine; ID JOEIM-15-0128, 2015.

P.Ginestra, P. Benzoni, A. Fiorentino, P. Dell’Era, E. Ceretti. Microstructured scaffold for cellular guided orientation : PCL electrospinning on laser ablated titanium collector