EunByul Cho (Lauren)


M.S. in Biomedical Engineering University of California, Irvine Sept 2016 – Present

B.S. in Biochemistry and Cellular Biology University of California, San Diego Sept 2010 – June 2014


▪ Immunoassay Development

▪ Python, R, MS Excel

▪ Data Analysis

▪ Root Cause Analysis, DoE

▪ Automated Immunoanalyzer Development

▪ SOP & FMEA Documentation

▪ Protocol Optimization

▪ Medical Device Tech. Support

▪ Process Engineering/Troubleshooting

▪ SBT Ion Sputtering

▪ Allergy/Autoimmune

▪ GANTT Project Management

▪ Fluorescent/Colorimetric Detection

▪ Affinity Chromatography

▪ Lab-on-a-CD (Microfluidic)

▪ Solid Phase Synthesis

▪ Thermoplastic Platform

▪ Protein processing

▪ Bionsensing.


▪USPTO Application 62/192,989, 62/191,184, 62/214,740 “On-Board Menu Customization” Hycor Biomedical 2015.

▪ USPTO Application 62/195,878 “On-Board Kitting” Hycor Biomedical 2015.


▪Lin, S., Lin, L., Cho, E., Pezzani, G., Khine, M. (2017). Multi-Scale Silica Structures for Improved Point of Care Detection; 2017 Jan. 29; Irvine, California (CA) and SPIE.

▪Kassan, A., Pham, U., Nguyen, Q., Reichelt, M., Cho, E., Patel, P. M., Roth, D. M., Head, B.P., Patel, H. H. (2016). Caveolin-3 plays a Critical Role in Autophagy after Ischemia Reperfusion [Abstract] Submitted for publication. In: Experimental Biology Meeting; 2016 Apr. 2-6; San Diego, California (CA).

▪Cho, E., Shen, G., Karayev, D., Metzger, A. L., Kramp, S., Dähnrich, C., Schlumberger, W. (2015). Anti-cN-1A (Mup44, NT4c1A) Serologic Assay for the Diagnosis of Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis submitted for publication. In: American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting; 2015 Nov. 6-11; San Francisco, California (CA) and International Congress of Autoimmunity; 2016 Apr. 6-10; Leipzig, Germany.


Khine Lab, Thermoplastic Shrink Film Technology – UC Irvine 09/2016 – 03/2017

Rotating Graduate Student

▪ Focused on developing cost-effective gold-nanoparticle-based (colorimetric) point-of-care detection of IgG Abs using thermoplastic shrink film for light scattering effect and signal enhancement.

▪ Independently executed the experiments of reproducing colorimetric detection and pre-processed polystyrene-based shrink film for microfluidic platform.

Hycor Biomedical, Inc. 07/2014-07/2015, 05/2015-08/2016

R&D Research Associate

▪ Focused on developing high-throughput in-vitro immune-diagnostic medical device for allergy and autoimmune IgE testing.

▪ Executed independent troubleshooting projects and RCAs (Root Cause Analysis).

▪ Participated in weekly team presentations and interdepartmental meetings, Agile and CLSI guideline toward 510(k)/FDA.

▪ Developed sIgE/tIgE Immuno-assays, specific to selected allergenic proteins – functionalization, characterization, immobilization, conjugation.

▪ Provided internal database for scientific supports in transition from feasibility to design control, verification and validation (v/v), and manufacturing transfer.

Rheumatology Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. 07/2015-05/2015

Research Analyst

▪ Primary responsibilities including running via in-vitro diagnostic medical devices (such as Dynex DSX and Quanta-Lyzer) and performing data analysis on autoimmune-specific disease panels.

▪ Focused on new disease-specific serologic assay development for Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis.

Department of Anesthesiology, VA San Diego Healthcare System 04/2013-06/2014

Research Assistant

▪ Focused on studying membrane caveolae-signal transmission to intracellular organelles for cardiac regulation that is related to chronic diseases.

▪ Primary responsibilities including, routine performance of protein specification and quantification, and maintenance of cardiac cell lines (cardiomyocytes), and growth-medium preparation under semi-supervision.