Aubrey Yuen


University of California, Irvine                                                                                                                      Expected Graduation 2019

B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Minor in Material Science Engineering


Project Experience                                                                                            

BioMEMS Lab at UCI – Undergraduate Researcher                                                                                      February 2017-Present

  • Assisted in assembling a CD microfluidic platform composed of a raspberry pi, servo motor, camera, laser, and heater for bacteria incubation and testing.
  • Received Summer Undergraduate Research Project (SURP) funding
  • Designed, fabricated and ran centrifugal discs for microfluidic tests.

Pulse Oximeter Project (BME 60A and 60C)

  • Presented and collaborated as part of a 10-person team that utilized 3-D printing and SolidWorks to make a functional pulse oximeter.
  • Constructed the 3-D printed components of the pulse oximeter. Soldered and troubleshot the photodiode placement and wiring of the pulse oximeter.


Technical Skills                                                                                                 

Manufacturing: CNC Mill, Laser Cutting, Microfluidic Centrifugal Disc Manufacturing, Soldering.

Programming/Software: SolidWorks, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Python, Excel/Google Sheets, Google Drive, Word, PowerPoint, Prezi.


Leadership and Volunteering                                                                            

Engineers Mentoring the Future Coordinator, Engineering Student Council (ESC)                                             2017-Present

  • Plan and organize mentorship program with 32 mentors and their mentees by leading events, socials, and meetings geared toward helping 1st and 2nd year students.
  • Work with 21 cabinet members to organize events for the UCI engineering community.

Science Camp Fair Coordinator/Community Outreach Member, ESC                                                                        2016-2015

  • Organized a Science Camp fair for middle and high school students to participate in a variety of STEM activities facilitated by several summer camps in the OC area.
  • Visited and contacted middle/high schools to present about engineering and hands-on activities to get them excited about engineering concepts.

Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers (SHPE)                                                                                                             2015-Present

  • Tutored students at Century High School, volunteered at UCI’s MESA Day.
  • Taught students scientific concepts and helped set up for Noche de Ciencias, an event organized to introduce students into STEAM fields.

UCI Office of Access and Inclusion Scholars Network                                                                                                        2015-Present

  • Volunteered at a variety of events and panels for the Office of Access and Inclusion.